In the Dark

I was the only person in the house. So when the power suddenly went out with the first loud crash of thunder, I knew that I just had to sit tight, and there was really nothing to worry about. It was only my first day of house-sitting for my brother, and I was not yet totally familiar with every room. I didn’t have handy torches placed in predictable places like I did at home. In the almost palpable darkness, I stayed very still and made a conscious effort to be calm. I was not one of those attention-seeking people who … Continue reading In the Dark

The Pod

It wasn’t until the second night that I felt secure enough in the pod to fall into a proper deep sleep without trying to keep one eye open. I was still quite new at sleeping rough, had not made any friends among the community of outcasts, and was struggling to fill my most important need – finding a safe place to spend the long, dark nights. My discovery of the pod was totally unexpected, and I still don’t know quite how to explain it. I was sprinting away from an inquisitive police officer, weaving left and right along several unfamiliar … Continue reading The Pod

Certainty of Heaven

What happens when we die? So many people have no idea, and yet they may say they are not worried about it. Nevertheless when a loved one dies they hope that they have gone to ‘a better place’. And sometimes – especially if it is a child – they feel better by making up a story about them sprouting wings and turning into an angel. (Really?? Where did that idea come from?) Most people think that if we are just good enough, then we get to go to Heaven. And where did that come from? That’s not what it says … Continue reading Certainty of Heaven

Fresh Start, New Adventures

We have both reached that age, when it’s time to “retire”. (That doesn’t mean we have to sit around and do nothing!) Many people, at our age, decide that it’s time to travel at last. At this stage, we’re not feeling that urge, because we have had so many wonderful travels already. We are enjoying staying still, playing with the grandkids, and living in suburbia. Yep. Loving it. Looking forward to more, new adventures, of many kinds. Continue reading Fresh Start, New Adventures

Keeping the hate alive

I was working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the female side of a university. The young ladies had set up stalls in the foyer to raise some money for the troubled folks in Gaza. Bearing in mind that no one could or would come into the foyer except the young ladies themselves, the faculty, and the ‘maids’ (cleaners), and the young ladies themselves were all incredibly wealthy. They were selling cute little cupcakes.   You have to realise that the cake is wearing an Arab headdress, in the colours normally worn in Palestine. Then there were stalls with … Continue reading Keeping the hate alive