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I have written nine posts for an excellent language learning website called FluentU which offers language learning assistance in several languages (including English). They offer short videos  to help in language immersion, and there is also a blog with ideas for language teachers. (My guest posts are part of the language teaching blog.)

The topics are:

14 ESL pair work speaking activities that get students psyched

Movie magic: why making movies is the perfect ESL speaking activity for kids

10 ESL activities for powerful pronunciation progress

5 endlessly fun ESL games for kindergarteners

How to teach ESL to adults

13 ESL speaking activities that make adult students love to talk

60+ ESL writing assignments and 5 ways to open with a bang

How to prepare your ESL students for listening out in the world

21 cheers for ELL students! 21 lesson plan ideas to show students you’re their biggest fan

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