Fresh Start, New Adventures

We have both reached that age, when it’s time to “retire”. (That doesn’t mean we have to sit around and do nothing!) Many people, at our age, decide that it’s time to travel at last. At this stage, we’re not feeling that urge, because we have had so many wonderful travels already. We are enjoying staying still, playing with the grandkids, and living in suburbia. Yep. Loving it. Looking forward to more, new adventures, of many kinds. Continue reading Fresh Start, New Adventures

Keeping the hate alive

I was working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the female side of a university. The young ladies had set up stalls in the foyer to raise some money for the troubled folks in Gaza. Bearing in mind that no one could or would come into the foyer except the young ladies themselves, the faculty, and the ‘maids’ (cleaners), and the young ladies themselves were all incredibly wealthy. They were selling cute little cupcakes.   You have to realise that the cake is wearing an Arab headdress, in the colours normally worn in Palestine. Then there were stalls with … Continue reading Keeping the hate alive