Travel Stories

Our lives were normal – stressful, busy, expensive – and we knew that it was time to make a change if we were going to survive. In 2004, with our youngest nearing the end of her final year in high school, we quit our ordinary classroom teaching jobs and …

Sitting in dumpling restaurant
The best dumplings in Xiao Qiao

We ran away to China!

Yes, it was definitely different. About as different as it could be.

We have so many stories to tell. Some are things that we said to ourselves at the time, “we’ll laugh about this later …!”

The Howling pigeons of LongHu is available on Amazon.

The intention is to add other stories here soon.

One thought on “Travel Stories

  1. Sooo are you going to put on the rest of the travel stories here or do you read them somewhere else? I mean, I’ve already read them all, but I was getting quite into the china bit all over again and it ended! Just like that.

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