Earthquake in Kathmandu


Yesterday there was a terrible earthquake in Nepal, with a great deal of damage and deaths in the city of Kathmandu as well as elsewhere. We visited Kathmandu in 2012. I got very tired of

Earthquake in Kathmandu2017-09-13T12:18:59+08:00

Elephant Poo Paper


I don't know - is that something you would want to be putting so close to your nose, knowing where it has actually been? It is actually paper that is really made out of elephant

Elephant Poo Paper2017-09-13T12:21:26+08:00

Kids like books


When James (our firstborn) was just 14 months old we went to work on Murray Island in the Torres Strait (Queensland). We lived in a tiny house (6m x 8m) and there were many things

Kids like books2017-09-13T12:23:15+08:00

Running amok


‘Running amok’ is for some reason a purely Malaysian thing. We never saw anything like that in Malaysia. But there was this one time, when we hadn’t been there very long, and we were enjoying

Running amok2015-08-26T08:29:27+08:00

A face on the train


  The little girl was so excited to be travelling with her doting parents on the train to the ancient Chinese city of Xi’an. There was so much to see and experience and she was

A face on the train2015-08-26T08:29:44+08:00



  I am the first to admit that I have always been a bit on the timid side. As a kid I was painfully shy. But that doesn't mean that I don’t enjoy an adrenaline


The Green Monster


This time of year Northam is dry dry dry. The only reason we have a green lawn is because it's artificial turf. (Wonderful stuff in this climate!) So this was a game of backyard cricket

The Green Monster2015-02-28T11:32:28+08:00

Life in Northam


  Another 41 degree day, but just for a change there seems to be some rain coming. Yesterday we were in the car and the dashboard thermometer read 41 degrees. A few drops of rain

Life in Northam2015-02-25T15:45:03+08:00

My writing place


Bits of paper are blowing all over my desk. There are bits and pieces of my writing all through my computer, and all over the Internet. So now I am gathering together, sorting, tidying, and sharing.

My writing place2015-02-25T14:49:16+08:00
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