I am an experienced Western Australian Primary School Teacher, having taught firstly as a classroom teacher and then for many years as an Arts Specialist. In this role, I dealt with children of all ages, encouraging them in their own self discovery and appreciation of others.

My husband, Peter, and I spent the ’80s working as Field Linguists/Translators/Literacy consultants on Murray Island in the Torres Strait (known by most Australians as the birthplace of Eddie Mabo).

For ten years (2004 Р2014), with our four children all grown, we traveled and worked overseas, with both of us teaching English and working as education consultants in China, Turkey, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia.

I am fascinated by languages, and I love to write. A lot of my work overseas involved producing educational materials. And now I am back in Australia, retired and enjoying life in a coastal suburb. I find myself with time on my hands and with a wealth of experience to pour into my writing.

(Oh, and the photo was taken in a hot air balloon over Kapadokya in Turkey.)