Not all of my writing can be found right on here on my website. Some examples of my work can be found at the following links:

  • I worked in six different countries over 10 years, and wrote blogs about my experiences. These are my Travel Blogs.
  • During three and a half years of working in Education in Malaysia I created several Resources Websites.
  • After I returned to Australia I wrote a number of Guest Posts for language learning for a website called FluentU.
  • I have written a number of articles about China for a website called China Educational Tours. (I am designated  writer and editor for this company.)
  • I have been written two books as ghostwriter. While these works no longer include my name, they are available from Amazon.
  • I have two of my own eBooks available on Amazon.
  • While working in Malaysia, I submitted papers to
  • I have a book about  my years on Murray Island in the Torres Strait available on