The Howling Pigeons of Long Hu

Stories about the fun and games of teaching ESL in rural China.

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Most people either travel or long to travel. But what if you could travel and delve into other cultures without just being a tourist? Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) overseas is an opportunity to do just that. Our lives were ‘normal’ – as in stressful, busy, and expensive – with both of us teaching school, caring for our four grown or teenage offspring, and going backwards financially. In August 2004, when our youngest daughter was nearing the end of her final year in high school, my husband, Peter, and I both quit our jobs and ran away to China. We were already experienced teachers, but there are short courses available to prepare English speakers from any backgrounds for the experience of a life-time, doubtless a life-changing experience, teaching English in many overseas countries.

If you are considering the possibility, or have tried it and would like to compare experiences, or if you just enjoy reading stories about cross-cultural experiences, then this book is for you. Read, enjoy, and try it yourself!

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You can read more about my travel stories in my blog, The Howling Pigeons of Long Hu.

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