If you want to travel to somewhere that is really different, then China is a great place to visit! 

However, it is always a good idea to learn as much as you can before you go, so that you can enjoy it more and have less potential difficulties.

Here are articles which I have written for the website: China Educational Tours, which takes a special interest in tours to China for school groups, but also welcomes individuals and other private groups. This tour company has a strong interest in letting people see the real living, breathing China, and not just souvenir shops.

Chinese Tea

Chinese Porcelain

The Chinese Zodiac


Chinese Operas

Chinese KungFu

Chinese Love and Marriage

What do Chinese people eat for breakfast?

Interesting Snacks and Street Foods 

Tips for Homestay in China

Why do Chinese people talk so loudly?

Privacy and Personal Space in China

Street Stall and Bargaining Skills in China

How to use an ATM in China

How to cross the street in China

Recommended Apps for travel in China

How to use WeChat

Is the Internet available in China?

What is a Chinese overnight train like?

How can I travel safely in China if I have allergies?

Why are Chinese flights always delayed?

Is it safe to travel in China?

Chinese Money

How to pack for your trip to China

Travelling in China Tips

Glass Bridges in China

Top 10 Landmarks in China

Top 10 Heritage Sites in China

Top 10 Facts about the Great Wall


Facts about Education in China

Education: China versus Western

China School System

Primary School in China

High School in China

Top 10 Universities in China

Teach English in China

Learn Chinese

And … there are lots and lots of other interesting articles on the website, not written by me (but a lot of them were edited by me).