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In the Dark


I was the only person in the house. So when the power suddenly went out with the first loud crash of thunder, I knew that I just had to sit tight, and there was really

In the Dark2018-10-13T14:36:10+08:00

The Pod


It wasn’t until the second night that I felt secure enough in the pod to fall into a proper deep sleep without trying to keep one eye open. I was still quite new at sleeping

The Pod2018-10-13T14:28:27+08:00

Certainty of Heaven


What happens when we die? So many people have no idea, and yet they may say they are not worried about it. Nevertheless when a loved one dies they hope that they have gone to

Certainty of Heaven2018-10-01T13:02:33+08:00

Back Yard Birds


When we moved in, there was a washing line. The previous owner was tall, and I had to let the lines sag in order to reach them. So we turned it into a bird table.

Back Yard Birds2018-09-25T18:14:01+08:00

Fresh Start, New Adventures


We have both reached that age, when it's time to "retire". (That doesn't mean we have to sit around and do nothing!) Many people, at our age, decide that it's time to travel at last.

Fresh Start, New Adventures2018-09-24T14:43:11+08:00

Keeping the hate alive


I was working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the female side of a university. The young ladies had set up stalls in the foyer to raise some money for the troubled folks in

Keeping the hate alive2017-10-20T10:02:40+08:00

As the days slide past


Friday happened on Tuesday this week, and life fell further into disarray. Since I drifted into early retirement, over the last couple of years as unemployment became unemployableness, the sense of days and weeks became

As the days slide past2017-09-13T11:42:22+08:00

Durian – the Happy Fruit


People either love or hate Durian fruit. (Opinions tend to vary depending on whether they have actually tasted it, getting the fruit past their nose and into their mouth.) A lot of people absolutely hate that

Durian – the Happy Fruit2017-09-13T11:43:14+08:00

Places we’ve been: Goreme (Turkey)


What is there to see in Goreme? For one thing there are lots of "Fairy Chimneys" - these strangely-eroded stone towers.  Sometimes you can wander through "Love Valley" because there are so many of these seemingly

Places we’ve been: Goreme (Turkey)2017-09-13T12:09:36+08:00

Places we’ve been: Brixham


Brixham is an incredibly picturesque little town in SW Britain. We were living in Torquay, Devon, and Brixham was a short ways further down past Paignton. Great place to go for some fish and chips

Places we’ve been: Brixham2017-09-13T12:12:02+08:00
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