This post on the FluentU website examines the complexities of teaching ESL to adults, and making sure that you address all four of the skill areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

The post examines firstly why teaching ESL to adults is any different from teaching children. There are practical suggestions for keeping your older students comfortable, while making sure they are having fun and therefore learning. This is followed by:

10 Targeted activities that teach all 4 major skill areas to your adult ESL students.

  1. Bingo (listening)
  2. The art of listening (listening)
  3. Bingo talks (speaking)
  4. Directed drawing (speaking)
  5. Take a survey (speaking)
  6. Reading aloud (reading)
  7. Scavenger hunt reading (reading)
  8. Dictionary scramble (reading)
  9. Pelmanism (reading)
  10. Reality hour (writing)

Of course each of the activities actually practice more than one of the listed skills.