Foodies and Wordies

Foodies love food, and not just because they are hungry. They derive pleasure from the Art of the food, including every aspect from its appearance, texture, and presentation, down to its value, how it was sourced, prepared, and delivered. 

As for me, I like to read, and to write, but more than that – I’m definitely a Wordie.

There are many people who say they like to write, and they even want to call themselves writers, but they are not  Wordies.

When we were kids, a picnic on the beach was a special treat. I believed at that time that the special gritty texture was where “sandwiches” earned their name. (Until I discovered, while playing a word game, that “the Earl of Sandwich ordered such while playing cards”.)

When someone asks me to comment on their writing, and it is full of grammatical and spelling errors, it is like trying to eat a beach sandwich. Worse than that, it’s like asking a Foodie to eat food laced with rat droppings.

When I’m reading good writing, it is not just about the story. Good writing flows like music, all of my senses are tingling as my imagination enjoys the ride.

When I write, and then read it back to myself, I am looking for that same sensation from my own words.

Yep, I’m a Wordie.


[My  work experience includes 20 years of teaching in primary schools, 10 years as Field Linguist on a remote island, and 10 years of teaching ESL and educational consulting in 7 countries: China, Turkey, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Malaysia. My qualifications include a Master of Education (TESOL).]

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