It’s not always easy being a kid. And some kids do it especially tough.

In many ordinary classrooms there are English Language Learning (ELL) kids who are struggling to deal with the day-to-day business of being a school kid at the same time as trying to learn English as a second (or third, or fourth) language.

This post (on the FluentU website)  is about giving those students a bit of extra help, while not neglecting the regular students.

The post suggests that your students will respond to three important elements: Surprise, Challenge and Reward. The following activities are described:

The Element of Surprise

1. Surprise Object

2. Surprise Treat

3. Surprise Groups

4. Surprise Story

5. Surprise Game

6. Surprise Song

7. Surprise Movie or Video

8. Surprise Art or Craft

9. Surprise Visitor

10. Surprise Outing


11. Presentation or Performance Challenge

12. Writing Challenge

13. Dictation Challenge

14. Competition Challenge 

15. Personal Challenge

16. Cooperative Team Challenge


Consider the “5 love languages”.

17. Words of Affirmation

18. Acts of Service

19. Receiving Gifts

20. Quality Time

21. Physical Touch