So I have a new job with this delightful group of people in China at China Educational Tours.

Elite TeamI really love what they are doing – running customised tours for all sorts of individuals and groups, especially school groups.

The first time I visited China it was as a tourist, and we used personal local guides, and it made for a great experience as well as a great sense of security – as you can imagine, traveling in China can be a little disconcerting at first!

As well as  editing , I have written some articles for the website:

Differences in Education between China and Western Countries – basically comparing Australia, USA, UK and China.

28-5-05 asie class 2

Teach English in China – about the ESL possibilities in China.

2-6-05 Puyang (131)

Some Thoughts about China for Primary School Children –  specifically what a different experience Primary School is for Children in China.

26Dec04 104

Some Thoughts for High School students in Western Countries – “High School is a lot of fun”, said no one in China, ever. About some of the stress that Chinese High School students experience.

Go across there and read them, and the other articles on the site!