In the Dark

I was the only person in the house. So when the power suddenly went out with the first loud crash of thunder, I knew that I just had to sit tight, and there was really nothing to worry about. It was only my first day of house-sitting for my brother, and I was not yet totally familiar with every room. I didn’t have handy torches placed in predictable places like I did at home. In the almost palpable darkness, I stayed very still and made a conscious effort to be calm. I was not one of those attention-seeking people who … Continue reading In the Dark

The Pod

It wasn’t until the second night that I felt secure enough in the pod to fall into a proper deep sleep without trying to keep one eye open. I was still quite new at sleeping rough, had not made any friends among the community of outcasts, and was struggling to fill my most important need – finding a safe place to spend the long, dark nights. My discovery of the pod was totally unexpected, and I still don’t know quite how to explain it. I was sprinting away from an inquisitive police officer, weaving left and right along several unfamiliar … Continue reading The Pod