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Running amok


‘Running amok’ is for some reason a purely Malaysian thing. We never saw anything like that in Malaysia. But there was this one time, when we hadn’t been there very long, and we were enjoying

Running amok2015-08-26T08:29:27+08:00

Time for School


  Assembly is over, prayers have been said, and I watch the children file into the classroom. Because it is Thursday, the day when everyone expresses national pride by wearing ‘batik’ style clothing the children

Time for School2015-04-21T11:21:48+08:00

A face on the train


  The little girl was so excited to be travelling with her doting parents on the train to the ancient Chinese city of Xi’an. There was so much to see and experience and she was

A face on the train2015-08-26T08:29:44+08:00



  I am the first to admit that I have always been a bit on the timid side. As a kid I was painfully shy. But that doesn't mean that I don’t enjoy an adrenaline

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