I was working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on the female side of a university. The young ladies had set up stalls in the foyer to raise some money for the troubled folks in Gaza.

Bearing in mind that no one could or would come into the foyer except the young ladies themselves, the faculty, and the ‘maids’ (cleaners), and the young ladies themselves were all incredibly wealthy.

They were selling cute little cupcakes.


You have to realise that the cake is wearing an Arab headdress, in the colours normally worn in Palestine.

Then there were stalls with literature, and selling books, as well as photos mounted on boards to stand on the desk or hang on the wall..

The girls wanted to know if I would like to buy a photo.

They were tragic photos, of dead children and mourning families.

I commented that in our culture we try to treat the dead with a measure of respect, not photographing them on the very worst day of their life. Why would I want photos of dead people (who I never even knew) on my wall?

Their response was that we need to keep the hate alive. They want to keep reminding themselves why they hate Israel, they want to stay angry.